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Your repatriation provider in the Canary Islands and across Spain

Local cremations and burials

International repatriations

Member of FIAT-IFTA

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On holiday and don’t know what to do after a death?

Our multilingual staff will guide you through the process of repatriating the ashes or the body of the deceased

Need a reliable partner in the Canary Islands and across Spain?

Choose us as your trusted repatriation agent


We’re here to help. Once you’ve signed the form authorising us to provide the service you require, we’ll make all the arrangements and take the worry out of your hands. During the process, we’ll keep you informed about what’s happening.


  • Take the body of the deceased into our care
  • Depending on what you want to do:
  • – we arrange the cremation and deliver the urn to you, with the documentation you need for travel, or
    – we arrange the repatriation of the body or the ashes of the deceased
  • Liaise with consular authorities
  • Register the death and obtain the local and international death certificates
  • Arrange the paperwork required for repatriation
  • Book and confirm the repatriation flight


We provide a rapid, respectful service to send the ashes or the body of the deceased to any country

Our multilingual staff will help you understand the process and keep you informed

We arrange all the paperwork, including the local and international death certificates, and liaise with consular authorities

When the paperwork is ready, we book and confirm the repatriation flight


MEC Servicios Funerarios
MEC Funeral Services

We are an independent funeral company specialising in international repatriations from the Canary Islands and the rest of Spain to any country

We provide more than 1,000 services a year

We work with trusted funeral and repatriation companies around the world

We have multilingual staff available to assist families and companies

Member of FIAT-IFTA

MEC Funeral Services


Repatriation means returning the deceased to their home country. You can choose to have the deceased cremated and then repatriate the ashes, or have their body repatriated for burial or cremation back home.

Depending on the country, the repatriation flight is normally 7 to 10 days after you’ve signed our authorisation form and we’ve taken the body of the deceased into our care. If a post mortem is necessary, it may take longer.

We get the death certificates for you: the local one, all in Spanish, and the international one, in multiple languages, for use back home. You don’t need to have the international death certificate translated.

Some people request this, but it’s not usually possible. We receive the flight details with very little notice, and they sometimes include stopovers. When we let you know the flight details, it’s up to you to make the arrangements.

Yes. We respect all faiths and beliefs. We can arrange a visit by an imam for preparation of the body. If you want a local minister who speaks your language to attend a burial or cremation, we can help you find someone. In both cases, a fee or donation may be required.